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How to Extend your Living Space with the Addition of an Outdoor Patio or Deck

What makes a living space?

A living space is a place to sit and gather, a place to cook and eat, and a place to relax and play with your friends and family. Whether you already have a patio poured, a deck built, or are adding one, an outdoor living space increases your enjoyment and the value of your home. Don’t think of a deck or patio simply as a slab outside of your house, think of it as an entire outdoor living room or an outdoor kitchen.

Where to start?

Start with a permit. Make sure your deck or patio is legal so you can enjoy it safely and when you sell your home there won’t be any hassle. Do you already have an area designated, but don’t quite have the actual deck or patio out there yet? Start by looking into the materials you want to use. You have many options when it comes to a deck such as maintenance free decking or wood and stain. For your patio you could do blocks or concrete. The concrete can be colored or stamped to give it extra flair. Whatever you decide two things to make sure of is one: Does it have a solid base and two: is it level. If these two hold true, the construction of your deck and patio will be much more enjoyable.   

Mondloch Renovation - White aluminum baluster DeckLive life in the fresh air

Make the outdoor living area seem like an extension of your home. Bring design elements that you like from the inside of your home to the outside. It is important that your outdoor furniture is made to endure the harsh outdoor elements. A list of items to keep in mind to complete your outdoor living area includes: a table, seating, lighting, protection from the sun, and protection from insects.

Full Screen Closure Deck Renovation

Dine al fresco

The kitchen is the considered the heart of the home, so why not extend it outside. Include an outdoor dining table and chairs on your deck or patio as a place to enjoy a meal together outside in the fresh air. Think about your grill as the center for an outdoor kitchen.


Full Screen Closure Deck RenovationProtect yourself

Although we gladly welcome the warmth after the long cold months, it is nice to have a covered area of your outdoor living space. Some things you can add to your deck or patio to protect yourself from the sun would be a pergola, awning, or a simple umbrella over your table. When the summer months come so does the fight against mosquitos. With a screened in deck or patio there doesn’t have to be a fight. You can keep all unwanted insects and pests out of your outdoor living space but still enjoy the fresh air.

The addition of an outdoor living space gives you a chance to take advantage of the beautiful warm months and enjoy more time with friends and family. Extend your lifestyle outdoors and also extend your enjoyment and value to your home.

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