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Insights to Making a Home Addition Project Go Smoothly:

You Dream It, We Build It A home addition can be a simple and inexpensive way to improve your home and thus your way of life. Imagine if you had that extra bathroom, or if the kids had their own rooms, or you finally had that guest room for visitors. The possibilities are limited only

Building Up vs Building Out – Home Additions

There are two thoughts that occur when deciding to add to a house. Do you build up, or out? Horizontally or vertically? This is often dictated by the purpose of the addition but it’s not always that simple. There’s usually more than one way to design a project, so consider the pros and cons of

Farm House Traditional Kitchen

How to prioritize spending on your limited-budget kitchen renovation.

Kitchen remodels are among the most popular home improvements families invest in within a home, yet a revamped cooking/dining space can set you back a handful of money. But don’t worry, you can successfully get more bang for less buck if you call Mondloch Remodeling today 320-259-1244.             Also, check

Tips on creating an open floor plan

Is your growing family out growing your home? Would you prefer some extra space near the kitchen or living room? Or are you simply getting tired of the layout of your current space? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you may benefit from considering making some changes to your floor plan by opening

Decks- Mondloch Remodeling

What to know and ask when building a new deck

Spring will soon be here and with it comes deck season. A well-crafted deck can be a wonderful addition to a house, providing outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment during the warmer months. While many contractors may take on a deck-building job it’s up to you to choose the one that’s best for you and

How to Extend your Living Space with the Addition of an Outdoor Patio or Deck

What makes a living space? A living space is a place to sit and gather, a place to cook and eat, and a place to relax and play with your friends and family. Whether you already have a patio poured, a deck built, or are adding one, an outdoor living space increases your enjoyment and

2018 Top 5 Bathroom Trends

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, or are in the middle of making selections, 2018 is bringing in some hot trends for bathroom designs. Since many spend the first and last minutes of the day in the bathroom, it’s important that it feels serene and spacious. An old, outdated, oppressive space, on the other hand,

Kitchen Countertops Remodeling Mondloch Remodeling

Upcoming Kitchen Trends of 2018

The kitchen is the focal point of the home, the place where everyone starts their day and often where we unwind at the end of the day. It’s easily the most valuable room as it operates as the heart of the home. It’s where we cook, enjoy food, and socialize with friends and family. It’s


Flush Away 90’s Bathroom Designs

Some bathrooms never seem to go out of style, with their classic colors, clean lines and timeless fixtures. Then there’s the other kind: the relics of the 90s that challenge the eyes with their mix of tiles and matching fixtures. If you have an older bathroom you consider out-of-date, don’t give up on it yet!