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Flush Away 90's Bathroom Designs


Some bathrooms never seem to go out of style, with their classic colors, clean lines and timeless fixtures. Then there’s the other kind: the relics of the 90s that challenge the eyes with their mix of tiles and matching fixtures.

If you have an older bathroom you consider out-of-date, don’t give up on it yet!

There’s a couple of steps involved when redoing your bathroom. For starters, you’re going to begin by gutting the room. Remove everything. This includes what’s inside the cabinets, under the sink, above the toilet and anything else you have in there. Make sure to also scrub and wash the bathroom from floor to ceiling. Pay special attention to vents, cracks, and seams along the edges of tiles or around the base of the toilet, using a utility knife to remove any bad caulk found. Inspect everywhere for colored caulk, dirt, mold, scum, or mineral deposits.

Clean until it shines.


Next, you’re going to want to focus on the metal finishes by removing towel bars, faucets, light fixtures, paper holders and any other hardware you may have. You may need to find or know a plumber who can replace your taps and a licensed electrician to change your fixtures and the wiring. If some of your hardware simply has an outdated finish to them, you could consider spray painting them with a metallic spray paint. You could also tape off the brass or chrome frame around shower doors and spray paint them to update them as well.

Color design is next on the list. It’s time to paint your walls the color you selected to update the room. Also, repaint your baseboards with a fresh coat of paint, color of your choosing. For most, you’ll want to spray paint your white plastic moisture fan so that it is fresh and white, the classic look for moisture fans. Replace your floor vent covers as well if it looks like they have any pitting or rust.

To finish up you’ll want to update the old vinyl flooring. Many 90s bathrooms have easy-to-install floor tiles that look like stone – creating a much more modern feel. Then apply some fresh caulk along the edges of tubs and showers. It’d also be a good idea to remove a wall-mounted mirror and replace it with a framed mirror that is centered over the sink.

All that’s next would be the decor! Add new artwork and color coordinated linens and accent pieces in fresh new colors.

If you don’t think you’re up to the task, give us a call. We’ve remodeled numerous bathrooms throughout the years and would love to take a look at yours and help you figure out what to flush first.

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