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Spring will soon be here and with it comes deck season. A well-crafted deck can be a wonderful addition to a house, providing outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment during the warmer months. While many contractors may take on a deck-building job it’s up to you to choose the one that’s best for you and your home. Find someone who is passionate about their job and will take pride in their work and do their best to deliver an amazing, eye-catching deck.
Here are some tips to consider and questions to ask when beginning the deck-building process and finding the right company for the job. Use one or two of John’s decks?

Some things to know when building your own deck

Mondloch Renovation - White aluminum baluster DeckMondloch Renovation - White aluminum baluster Deck


Understand your budget

Figure out how much you’re willing to spend and plan accordingly. Calculate how much you’re building, the dimensions, and account for tools as well. Do some research into permits because any deck over 1.5 meters will need a permit which needs the assistance of a planner to apply for and can potentially be costly. Also, try and keep things simple if your budget is limited. Multi-level layouts, custom seating, and unusual railings and such, can quickly raise the costs. Consider sleeker designs that are much simpler and much less expensive.

Invest in Fasteners

Trying to save money with low-quality screws can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make when constructing a deck. Low-quality screws will corrode, discolor your deck, and shorten its life, particularly with pressure-treated wood. Even if your decking is not pressure-treated, it will be attached to pressure-treated beams and joists. When old decks get rickety, it’s oftentimes due to failing fasteners, not the wood.
Stainless-steel or coated screws, specifically made for pressure-treated wood, will resist corrosion and extend your deck’s life to maintain reliability long after it’s built.

Know that you have options for what material you use

Homeowners have more decking material choices than one might think. For fans of real wood, pressure-treated cedar, and redwood are the best traditional choices. Their longevity puts them in a league with composites, and they offer a luxurious, rich appearance you can’t get with other decking. They are more expensive than most other woods, however, you get what you pay for.

For those searching for something a material a little easier to take care of, composite decking and other synthetic materials such as vinyl are revolutionizing the industry. These products are as close to maintenance-free as you can get, as they can often last decades. They may cost more than most wood, but the payback comes with reduced maintenance. The look is very different from real wood, so personal taste is a big part of the decision to use composites or other synthetic decking.

When working with a deck builder

If you decide to hire a deck builder, here are questions to ensure you’re hiring the best contractor for you to get the best outcome.

• How long have you been building decks?
• Were you professionally trained or did you learn how to build through an apprenticeship program?
• Are you licensed and registered?
• Do you have any insurance?
• Can you give me the name of your insurance carrier?
• Are you a part of any professional contractor associations?
• Do you have any references that wouldn’t mind being contacted?
• Do you give warranties for your work?
• How long will it take you to complete the deck?
• What decking material options can you provide?

Building a deck is a great time for many homeowners and knowing that a good contractor built it will ease your mind and make it that much more enjoyable. Take your time when looking for a deck builder and always do your research. We’ve been working on decks for many years and have many past happy and satisfied clients to back us up on it.

If you’re looking for a great deck this upcoming spring, give us a call!