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Insights to Making a Home Addition Project Go Smoothly:

A home addition can be a simple and inexpensive way to improve your home and thus your way of life. Imagine if you had that extra bathroom, or if the kids had their own rooms, or you finally had that guest room for visitors. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination if you keep these few key variables in mind when thinking about jumping into your home addition project.

When beginning, you’ll want to talk about it with a professional remodeler to better understand the possibilities of expanding your home. Ask about what you’re envisioning and think about how the addition will tie into your existing home. Each remodeler will have a different approach; knowing this, itwill be best to find one who shares your vision.

Once you’ve begun the collaboration process with someone you trust, it’s time to explore your options So you understand all the different variables you will need to take into consideration when adding onto a home.

To start, figure out where you can add-on. It’s important to know where your property lines are and to have a plot plan which includes your home, landscaping and the location of the utilities. This is a must because local codes often have restrictions on how close you can build to your neighbor, underground wiring, telephone poles, etc.

The buildable portion of your land usually doesn’t stretch to the edge of your property line and thesecutoff lines are enforced by local government to can help prevent house fires from spreading and to protect your neighborhood’s aesthetic. There may also be a height limit too. These are all things to look into before beginning construction so there are no surprises later during the remodeling.

Just as important as knowing where to build, is knowing how much it will cost you, or how much you’re willing to spend at least. This is another thing to talk over with a professional remodeler. They can give you a more accurate amount based on your specific project.

Now that you have a better understanding of around how much its going to cost you, it’s time for the last step, to have detailed descriptions of the materials. We recommend making a list of all the materials, and then include your first, second, and third choices just to be safe. You might find that your preferences are too expensive, that’s where the second and third choices come into play. Work withwhat you can’t live without, where you can compromise, and where you can be cost-effective, and the outcome will be everything but a compromise.

Once you have your plans in place and your preferred options are chosen, remember that you can always make changes that modify your budget as you go. Maybe you find it cheaper to wait for an item to come on such as paint, appliances or new windows. Consider utilizing coupons and rebates. If you have the time, plan your remodel or addition as early as possible and start purchasing items you know you’ll need early. This way you are incurring a slight cost over time and not a large cost all at once.

Adding to your home can add immense value to your home that your family will be able to cherish each and every day. While it’s a process that takes time and dedication, it’s always worth it in the end. Hopefully, some of these insights will help you on your path to the home you’ve always wanted. Mondloch Remodeling has constructed countless home additions throughout the years and would love to collaborate with you as well to bring your vision to life.

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