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How to prioritize spending on your limited-budget kitchen renovation.

Farm House Traditional Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are among the most popular home improvements families invest in within a home, yet a revamped cooking/dining space can set you back a handful of money. But don’t worry, you can successfully get more bang for less buck if you follow few tips on ways to save money during your next kitchen remodel.

Farm House Traditional KitchenFarm House Traditional Kitchen







Begin the process with a comprehensive, well-detailed plan of what will need to be done throughout the remodeling timeframe. To save time and money during tear-out and pre-construction, plan on using your existing walls and kitchen configuration. This will help to keep the plumbing and electrical systems mostly intact, while avoiding the added expense and mess of tearing out walls. When designing the plan, hiring a professional oftentimes saves you additional time and money in the long run by avoiding expensive errors that are known to happen when tackling this project along.


Kitchen cabinetry typically makes up the largest percentage cost of a kitchen remodel, which means this is one of the most important areas to budget wisely. The cost of brand-new kitchen cabinets depends on how many linear feet of cabinetry you need and the type of cabinets you choose: stock, semi-custom or fully custom. But also remember that on top of the cabinets themselves, you’ll also have to pay for the removal of your existing cabinetry and installation.However, budget-conscious kitchen remodelers can save thousands of dollars by refacing or even refinishing their existing cabinets instead of replacing them. While refinishing your cabinets will take time and effort, the process is simple enough to make this the obvious way to save big on a kitchen remodel.


The cost of your countertops will also make up a large percentage of your kitchen remodeling budget. There are plenty of options for countertops, but their cost varies by material and the difficulty of installation however, you can save plenty of money by choosing laminate or butcher-block countertops and installing them yourself. Both of these options are pretty simple for even a DIY beginner to install on their own

If these options don’t quite fit the style you want for your new kitchen, there are a few ways you can save on the high-end look of granite:

Install a granite overlay on your existing countertops.
Buy granite remnants instead of whole slabs.
Buy your granite from a wholesaler. A granite company will still need to turn it into countertops for you, but it will come with a cheaper price tag.


The Sink

The cost of a kitchen sink also depends largely on the material it’s made of as well as the style, since different styles have different installation costs associated with them. We advise choosing a stainless steel or composite sink in a drop-in style for the most budget-friendly update to your kitchen.


The cost of new kitchen flooring typically represents a smaller fraction of the remodel budget than features like cabinets and countertops, however that that doesn’t mean a budget-conscious homeowner can’t still find ways to save. Linoleum and laminate flooring have become the classic choices for remodelers on a budget; modern versions of these flooring types are available in a huge variety of stylish looks to match any kitchen. But if you’re looking for something more luxe, a professionally installed cork kitchen floor is relatively inexpensive and can easily last up to 80 years without needing any further maintenance.

With some of these helpful tips, you can now easily plan a low-cost kitchen remodel that will make you wish would’ve done it years ago!

If you require help or assistance with anything we’ve gone through, make sure to call Mondloch Remodeling. We’ve been remodeling kitchens for years and have the expertise to create the kitchen of your dreams.